Electroswing Remix Contest!

On friday 13th of July Cirque De La Nuit and Klub Shwing started their first electroswing Remix Contest!
You can choose one or both of the two songs to remix. The original tracks were produced by Cab Canavaral. All styles of entries are welcome – we don’t want to limit your creativity! The deadline to send in your remix is august 31st!
The winning tracks will be released worldwide on Billybong Records as digital release on iTunes, amazon, juno and many others.

The provided audiomaterial should only be used for this remix contest

please return your mastered remix (44.1khz/16bit) wav or aiff via wetransfer.com to the following adress:


deadline: 31.8.2012


Why Don’t you do right – Cab Canavaral feat. Nina K.Lucas
(composed by Mc Coy), D minor , 80 bpm


I Dance Charleston
(composed by Jürgen Bernert-Jagfeld), Eb, 124bpm


Please drop us a line if you take part – we would like to know who is on board….

Further information:

all entries will be uploaded to soundcloud for listen and review!

the winning tracks will be chosen by public vote (number of listens, favorites ,comments and facebook likes

and by a jury (jury members will be announced a.s.a.p.)

the winning tracks will be released worldwide as digital release!

Every winning remixer will get a non exclusive contract with Billybong Records and his percentage (50%) of the sales.

If you have problems or questions please write to


Electroswing Remix Contest on Facebook:



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